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HK Firelands Thursday 8-18-11 Logs

Blackworm, Sep 17, 11 1:10 AM.

also, GRATS on Hello Kitty Shannox first kill Friday, sorry I missed that 

Raid Prgression

Graevus427, Jul 19, 11 3:27 PM.
I'm happy to announce the guild is now 12/12 off to Firelands we go!
We will still work on T11 heroic content as we see fit, but the current focus for the senior raid group will be Firelands Firelands Firelands.

Current Raid Roster is up

Graevus427, Jul 19, 11 3:22 PM.
Our current raid roster is up in the forums section under the member's only discussion, feel free to have a look.

Chimaeron Down and Nefarion Unlocked!

Assassins of War, Apr 11, 11 4:44 PM.
Well after a few days worth of attempts we have gotten Chimaeron down. He dropped Burden of Mortality (Item) for Drayggor & Double Attack Handguards (Item) for Gogetsome. This fight was healer intensive and seem to rely heavily on the healers rotating their aoe heals during fued. One tank on the boss for everything except double attack, the other tank taunting just long enough to eat the double attacks. Dps had it easy with a spread and stack for fueds rotation. 

We went on to down Atramedes a second time, He was kind enough to drop Mantle of Roaring Flames (Item) for Reflekt and Themios the Darkbringer (Item) for Devillok.

And we got our first look at Nefarian . Everyone get prepared and do your homework, soon it will be time to kill the infamous Nefarian of Blackwing Decent.

We have hired some fresh officers!

Assassins of War, Apr 11, 11 4:26 PM.
I'm please today to announce on behalf of my fellow guild members that we have new officers joining our team! We are excited to announce that Azmodoz, Drayggor, Graevus, and Ultamose have been offered and have accepted an officer position within the guild!

Since launch these players have been solid community members and have done us all very proud representing exactly what being an Assassin of War is all about. They have proven that they only desires to make positive contributions to this community and that they have the ability to lead by example - this is exactly what we look for in a new officer.

Please join me in welcoming our latest officers - I know they'll do an amazing job at it.
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